Electoral College Landslide: Donald Trump Pummels Clinton, Projected To Win 306 Electoral Votes

Posted: Nov 12, 2016 12:30 PM

Well, the last of the holdouts have been called, as we wave goodbye to 2016 and look to the future under President-elect Donald J. Trump. New Hampshire, Arizona, and Michigan were the last remaining states to call in their vote counts. Clinton won the Granite State (4 votes), while Trump took the lead in Michigan (16 votes) and Arizona (11 votes). Regardless, without these states, Trump was able to clinch 279 votes, which won him the presidency.

CNN had called New Hampshire for Clinton and Arizona for Trump, resetting the Electoral College map with Trump winning 290 votes to Clinton’s 232. Fox News and The New York Times still have those states as too close to call. Nevertheless, MLive has the state going Trump with the preliminary results showing the president-elect ahead of Clinton with 13,225 votes. The Detroit Free Press also reported that it appears President-elect Trump has taken the state:

With seven critical Genessee County precincts now reporting results, Donald Trump appears to have won Michigan by 13,225 votes -- a margin of less than three-tenths of a percent -- out of more some 4.8 million cast, according to unofficial results posted late this morning by the state.

Trump held a 12,488-vote lead over Hillary Clinton through the morning. But with all 83 Michigan counties reporting, Trump won 2,277,636 and Clinton 2,264,361. Trump's margin of victory was exceedingly close: He won 47.6% compared to 47.33% for Clinton, according to state totals updated at 11:30 a.m. today.

A spokesperson for Michigan’s Secretary of State’s office told Michael Patrick Leahy of Breitbart that “There’s no reason to believe there will be large numbers of votes that will be found subsequent to the current reporting.”

MLive also published an article detailing how Trump won the state.

Pollster Frank Luntz had tweeted on Election Night that there was higher than projected working lass turnout in Michigan, which increased Trump’s chances to win the state. It also had a rippled effect as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, states that haven’t gone Republican since 1984 and 1988 respectively, went for Trump on November 8. Michigan will also be a state that hasn’t gone Republican since 1988. In the end, the white working class vote that eluded Mitt Romney in 2012 came out in full force, coupled with millions of Obama supporters who switched their votes to Trump, put the GOP nominee over the top on Tuesday.

The soon-to-be official electoral vote results for 2016 are projected to be 306-232. In other words, it’s an Electoral College landslide win for Trump.