Some Of These Anti-Trump Protests Have Devolved Into Full-Blown Riots

Posted: Nov 11, 2016 12:15 PM

The progressive trail of tears continued into last night in the most liberal parts of the country. Washington D.C., New York, Portland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay area all had second rounds of protests from people unable to cope with the thought of a Trump presidency. President-elect Donald J. Trump had a shocking upset win over Hillary Clinton. Once Michigan is called for him, he’s going to end 2016 with 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232. Clinton may win the plurality of the popular vote, which makes her the fifth candidate to win more votes in that category and lose the Electoral College. Alas, one of the important aspects of the Electoral College: it forces presidential candidates to visit states like Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The latter of which we know was a red flag on the eve of the election when Barack Obama was hurried over there for a last minute rally. Regardless, Clinton lost and Trump won. That’s life. We’re going to be fine. Conservatives never rioted in the streets after a brutal 2012 loss, or said that people would have to die. This won’t change the outcome, but if vandalizing and burning stuff makes you feel better, then go right ahead. Act like children.

Portland police has to reclassify a protest as a riot due to the amount of criminality that erupted last night (via ABC News):

Thousands turned up in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square early in the night for a peaceful protest and march but, as the night wore on, individuals were seen vandalizing businesses and property in the city's Pearl District and throwing objects at police.

Police reported a total of 26 arrests for the night after they deployed rubber bullets and flash grenades to clear the streets.

At one point, a crowd of people stepped in to stop a bat-wielding man from smashing a transformer.


Trump Tower, where the president-elect's offices are, was the site of demonstrations again.

Hundreds of angry protesters descended upon the midtown Manhattan skyscraper carrying signs that read "Not My President" and "Divided States of America."

Just offering a pro-tip here: rioting over an election loss really doesn’t help your cause, nor does it dispel the notion that the Left has become a coddled legion of PC cry babies.