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Last Friday, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo interviewed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, where the former House Speaker said that Trump will never be president, and that the tightening of the polls is due to disaffected voters, namely Democrats, supporting the third party candidacies of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. She also said that Donald Trump is a fear monger, which is a Democratic talking point that’s been beaten to death this cycle, with no signs of impacting Trump’s numbers in the polls.


Cuomo added that Trump says he’s a “change agent”, and that the person who is the author of the status quo—Clinton—cannot be trusted to change the system as it stands right now. Pelosi scoffed at these reasons for why Trump is rising with voters, saying that a female president would be “more of a change agent statement.”

Camerota asked Pelosi how she would work with Trump should he become the next president of the United States; Pelosi couldn’t even bear the thought—saying that Trump will never become president. Why? She has faith in American voters that they will not give in to negative attitudes about the country or bigotry.

Well, things haven’t been going well for the country concerning the rise in the national debt, an incoherent foreign policy, a health care law that doesn’t work, and less than stellar economic growth. Remember when Obama said that passing the stimulus would create 4% economic growth? Voters are angry—and they don’t trust Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Yet, a telling sign that Democrats are worried that old, sick Hillary is actually a terrible candidate is the vote shaming.


“People cannot make a protest vote for a third party candidate and then be surprised when it has an impact on the numbers in the race,” she said.

Well, did you ever consider why they’re making that choice, Nancy? Clinton has time to win these people back—and it’s dubious if these fall away Democrats are jaded enough to vote for Trump Over the weekend, President Obama shamed black voters, saying that if they don’t vote this cycle, it’s a personal insult to him and his legacy. Al Gore even warned voters about the peril of going third party (via The Hill):

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is talking to former Vice President Al Gore about how he could help the Democratic presidential nominee, who is struggling to build her support against competition from third-party candidates 

The New York Times reported Friday that Clinton’s team is discussing ways to bring Gore into the fold between now and November.

His role, according to the report, would be to emphasize Clinton’s support for taking on climate change, something that might appeal to younger voters who polls suggest are not warming up to Clinton.

Gore might also be able to convince voters that a third-party ballot could end up electing Republican Donald Trump, in the Clinton campaign's view.

“I can assure you from personal experience that every vote counts,” Gore told the Times in an email. “The stakes are high for so many Americans. So I will vote for Hillary Clinton and I strongly encourage others to vote for her as well.”


Fine, but none of this is the fault of the voter. Clinton is a terrible candidate, who is not energizing the base. Yet, it’s also disturbing that these people think they’re entitled to votes.

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