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Oh My: Trump Campaign Hit With Lawsuit Over Staffer Who Pointed Gun At Aides

Well, the bad news just keeps coming for the Trump campaign. He unnecessarily launch a counteroffensive against a Gold Star family, he doled out a completely inappropriate assassination joke, and now there’s a lawsuit alleging the campaign’s North Carolina state director pointed his gun at five coworkers, and that no disciplinary actions were taken against him. Sarah Westwood at The Washington Examiner has more:


Donald Trump's presidential campaign is facing a lawsuit in a North Carolina court after allegedly failing to discipline a staffer who threatened several of his coworkers with a gun.

Earl Phillip, the North Carolina state director for Trump's campaign, allegedly pointed a pistol at five fellow aides during his time with the campaign while senior staff members ignored complaints from victims.

Vincent Bordini, described as a "dedicated, loyal Trump campaign staffer" in the documents filed Wednesday, sued the Trump campaign after unsuccessfully seeking help from its top brass.

According to the court filings, Trump's North Carolina campaign director pressed a pistol into Bordini's kneecap while driving his Jeep in February.

Westwood added that Bordini tried to bring this incident to the attention of Stuart Jolly, Trumps national field director, and Corey Lewandowski, then-Trump’s campaign manager, but neither of the men took action against Phillip. Phillip is still employed with the campaign. Jolly left in April. You can bet Clinton and the media will be using this to question Trump’s temperament and judgment, along with the digs that he only picks the best people. This is just another incident for a campaign that seems to be turning into an endless trainwreck.


Exit question: what the hell is going on within the halls of this campaign?

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