PSA: The Government Is Coming After Wine Refrigerators

Posted: Jul 17, 2016 3:00 PM
PSA: The Government Is Coming After Wine Refrigerators

Katie wrote about how Obamacare is coming after breweries, specifically small breweries, with a new regulation regarding printing calorie counts on their products. It’s no small expenditure. It could cost up to $77,000 in printing costs. Now, we have the Department of Energy coming after wine refrigerators (via Washington Free Beacon):

The agency released a final rule Friday requiring manufacturers to test the energy efficiency of refrigerators used for wine. It estimated the rule would cost the average small business $12,500 to test whether their equipment meets specifications.

“This final rule classifies a variety of refrigeration products that are collectively described as ‘miscellaneous refrigeration products’–i.e., ‘MREFs,’ as a covered product under Part A of Title III of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (‘EPCA’), as amended,” the agency said. “These products include different types of refrigeration devices that include one or more compartments that maintain higher temperatures than typical refrigerator compartments, such as wine chillers and beverage coolers.”

The agency said the $12,500 testing cost is “unlikely to represent a significant economic impact for small businesses.”

With this attempted military coup in Turkey, and a terrorist attack in Nice, France, you would think that this government would have better things to do than regulate wine refrigerators.