File This Under Not Helping: Community Activist Wants To Abolish Police, Says They Started Out As Slave Patrol

Posted: Jul 12, 2016 4:00 PM

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly used her entire show to discuss police shootings via a massive panel that, at times, got heated about the state of relations between local communities and law enforcement.

Enter Jessica Disu, a Chicago-based activist, who said that we should abolish the police and instead find “community solutions” to address law and order.

“We need to abolish the police, period. Demilitarize the police, disarm the police, and we need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice," she said on "The Kelly File."

This obviously drew condemnation from most on the panel, to which Disu said, “Can we all agree that a loss of a life is tragic?”

Of course, no one disagreed.

“We can all agree that a loss of a life is tragic. We can all agree that excessive force and extrajudicial killings by law enforcement needs to be stopped,” she added.

“Who’s going to protect the community if we abolish the police,” asked Kelly.

“We have to come up with community solutions," said Disu. “The police force in this country began as slave patrol.”

Yeah, file this under not helping. The conversation goes nowhere comparing cops to slavery enforcement. We’re not going to disarm the police; we’re not going to abolish the police. Those are non-starters. And they’re not serious talking points in advancing this serious debate where having concerning law enforcement and minority communities. How does saying policing is more or less grounded in slave enforcement helpful in finding a solution? It doesn’t. It’s an underhanded way of saying that cops are racist, and that they’re hunting down black people—which are false. Are there incidents of racial bias in law enforcement? Yes—but it’s not a systemic problem, as the actions of Dallas' finest exhibited on the night they were attacked by a man who was specifically hunting down white police officers. 

Also, community that just a fancy way of saying vigilantism because that's exactly what's going to happen if we abolish the police.