BREAKING: U.S. Capitol On Lockdown; UPDATE: Lifted

Posted: Jul 12, 2016 4:24 PM

Capitol Hill is on lockdown.

Roll Call is reporting that Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) said that he heard someone at a traffic stop had a gun. They added that Capitol Police cleared the balcony of the Speaker’s Lobby, but didn’t escort any one out. Those who are in the U.S. Capitol the surrounding congressional office buildings were told they could be in the hallways, but could not go outside.

UPDATE: Washington Post reports that lockdown has been lifted, but offered no further details.

UPDATE II: Via The Hill, a lockdown was executed for about 30 minutes this afternoon after shots were fired near the Capitol Grounds. Three suspects have been apprehended:

The incident began with D.C. police in pursuit of a vehicle, which was stopped near the Third Street Tunnel close to the Labor Department.

One of the suspects then fled on foot, and a search was conducted in areas near the Capitol. After the suspect was apprehended by police, the lockdown was lifted.

Fox News and C-SPAN reported that two people had been placed into custody following an incident at the Labor Department.

House lawmakers were on the floor voting as a call echoed throughout the Capitol warning staffers about “a security threat” and telling them to seek shelter

WJLA reported that D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said that a MAC-11 was recovered with a substantial amount of ammunition. While the situation was dangerous, the three suspects were apprehended without officers using their firearms. Chief Lanier told WJLA, “they were in the middle of a crowded tunnel and that wasn't an option at that point."