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BREAKING: Another Shooting Reported At Michigan Courthouse, Two Bailiffs Reportedly Killed

There are reports of an active shooter situation in Michigan. According to CBS Chicago, one officer and a bystander are reportedly wounded after someone opened fire at the Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan.



UPDATE: Two bailiffs are reportedly dead, along with the shooter.

UPDATE II: Gov. Rick Snyder says courthouse is secure.

UPDATE III: The shooter was able to grab possession of an officer's gun to commit this attack. He was reportedly being transported to jail when he made his move.

Reuters is reporting that the shooting at the courthouse began earlier this afternoon. The suspect has been shot and killed, but not before taking the lives of two bailiffs and wounding a sheriff’s deputy. The suspect was in-custody when he was able to grab a firearm from a nearby officer. This person also wounded another civilian. Reuters added that the deputy is recovering in the hospital.


UPDATE IV: Suspect identified as Larry Darnell Gordon, according to Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey

Via ABC News:

Bailey identified the two bailiffs who were killed as Joe Zangaro, 61, head of courthouse security, and Ron Kienzle, 63, who has been with the court since 2005. Zangaro has been with court police since 2004 and was retired from the Michigan State Police; Kienzle was a former U.S. Army veteran and was a retired sergeant with Benton Township Police, Bailey said.

Bailey said the civilian and the sheriff's deputy suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Inmate was identified as Larry Darnell Gordon, 45, of Coloma, Minnesota. He was in jail on numerous felony charges, Bailey said, noting that he he didn’t appear to have been cuffed at the time. Online records from the Michigan Department of Corrections show that Gordon was being held on felony charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and obstructing police. He was arrested in April of this year.

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