Little Girl To Venezuelan President: Where’s The Food, Water, and Medicine?

Posted: Jun 07, 2016 1:45 PM

As Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has the confidence his “colectivos” (brownshirts), who reportedly use “Nazi-like” tactics, will keep the people in line and opposition protesters from organizing effectively, the people still have no water, food, or medicine. It’s got to the point where children, like this little girl, are telling the president she, and the rest of country for that matter, have had it (via Latin Times):

“I'm tired of the situation,” she said. “I don't have water. I don't have food. I don't have medicine,” the little girl continued before taking her hat off and letting her messy hair burst out, “…and lastly, I don’t have shampoo!” she exclaimed.

Things have become dire for the country thanks, in part, to the droughts and oil price drops, but mostly because of the socialist regimen’s attempt to fight the said “economic war.” In fact, President Maduro has asked the people of Venezuela during his numerous TV addresses to be patient while he fights this war, and explained that this is a situation he is not to be blamed for.

The lack of access to medicine led to the death of a young boy stricken with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He protested the drug shortages prior to his death. The Washington Post added that there are at least 200,000 Venezuelans living with chronic illnesses that cannot get the drug they need. At the hospitals, gloves and soap are lacking, there’s a spike in infant deaths in the maternity wards, and the rolling blackouts are helping the situation. There’s also lingering hunger, with people going through garbage cans trying to find food.

This video is a somewhat light-hearted take on the rapidly deteriorating events in the country, but one that shows how 21st Century Socialism is making everyone’s lives miserable.

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