Hillary Clinton's Primary Success Continues With New Mexico Win

Posted: Jun 07, 2016 10:56 PM

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With 97 percent of the precincts in—and Hillary Clinton garnering 52 percent of the vote, the former secretary of state has won the New Mexico primary. Thirty-four delegates were in play during this contest.

This win comes after a string of successes for the Clinton campaign tonight. She overwhelmingly won the New Jersey primary tonight, officially giving her the delegates she needed to become the presumptive Democratic nominee for 2016. Prior to tonight’s primaries, The Associated Press reported that Clinton had reached the 2,383 delegates needed to clinch the nomination after confirming that all of Clinton’s 571 superdelegates planned on voting for her at the convention. 

CNN’s John King said that both campaigns know California will be close, but Clinton’s team is confident they’ll be able to pull out ahead. While it’s not called, Clinton is leading in Montana and South Dakota. Finishing off with clinching four of the six primary contests tonight, along with accruing the delegates needed the Democratic nomination—that’s pretty solid. National Journal’s Ronald Brownstein also noted that, overall; Clinton won self-identified Democrats by nearly 30 points over Sen. Bernie Sanders, something that his team is probably going to consider going forward after tonight.