CNN Ventures Into A Majority Democratic West Virginia County, Finds Out They’re Supporting Trump

Posted: May 07, 2016 9:00 PM

It’s no shocker that Hillary Clinton isn’t popular in West Virginia. In fact, no one from national Democratic circles, like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi etc., is popular here. Obama didn’t win a single county in the Mountain State in 2012, and the last time West Virginia went Democratic was 1996. Clinton’s remarks that she was going to put coal miners out of business did not sit well with the residents of Logan County, where Democrats outnumber Republicans. In fact, CNN was hard pressed to find really any Democrat who supported Clinton—they’re all voting for Trump.

West Virginia, and other coal-producing states, has their local economies fueled by coal mines. As the Obama administration made it know that it would declare war on this way of living, it could leave these folks in economic destitution. So far, Obama’s winning the war on coal. Clinton has pledged to continue this war on America’s rural residents, which could leave 125,800 people without jobs and a ten-year economic loss of $650 billion.

When CNN said that she misspoke and apologized for those remarks, many brushed them off saying that she’s just a politician. They’re smart people. As I’ve said in a previous post, it’s beyond shameless that Clinton is even trying to say that she cares about these people—she doesn’t. And from the looks of it, they know it too.