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Precious Cupcakes At Drake University Block Recognition Of Conservative Turning Points USA, Called Them 'Hateful'

Apparently, a groups that mainly focuses on lower taxes, less government, and fiscal responsibility is “hateful” in the eyes of the precious cupcake brigade at Drake University. These social justice warriors at the Iowan school rejected a motion to recognize a Turning Points USA chapter on campus in April (via Campus Reform):


According to minutes from the Senate’s April 21 meeting, opponents gave several reasons for rejecting the application to establish a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter on campus—from claiming that its mission is too specific to arguing that Drake already has other conservative clubs—but expressed particular concern about the group’s views on social issues.

Senator Kevin Kane, for instance, said he could not justify approving TPUSA because of its “hateful record,” claiming that some of its tweets “directly relate to social issues.”

Senator Linley Sanders also took issue with the group’s social media activity, saying she “does not support some things concerning social issues on their Facebook page.” She denied that her opposition was based on TPUSA “being conservative” in general, however, saying she was merely worried that “the organization may be against specific groups[,] which could be perceived as condescending.”

Hypeline reports that a third senator, Olivia O’Hea, even criticized the prospective student group for pro-life tweets sent from the personal Twitter account of TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, contrasting O’Hea’s argument with posts from her own Facebook page (which are no longer public) declaring her support for Planned Parenthood.

A few senators did dissent from the prevailing view, notably Senator Jon Lueth and Vice President Zachary Blevin, both of whom pledged to set aside their personal political beliefs and support the club in the interest of promoting free expression, but according to KCCI, the final tally was a lopsided 15-3 against recognizing TPUSA.

Hypeline, a project of Turning Points, had a more detailed piece about what occurred during the April 21 meeting. Sanders took issue with the group’s pro-Second Amendment stances, and O’Hea took umbrage with the group’s “I Survived College Without Becoming a Liberal” t-shirts.


Yeah, I may not like that leftist students wear Che Guevara t-shirts, who was also reportedly a racist, but that wouldn’t stop me from supporting a Marxist club on campus (though it seems like most college campuses are one giant left wing country club). But that’s beside the point. There was absolutely no reason for Drake to reject Turning Points USA other than they’re a conservative group. To suggest otherwise is grossly disingenuous. Reform added that Turning Points could re-apply for recognition again once a new student senate is convened next year.

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