Fairly Ridiculous: Brady Campaign Pushes Gun Control By Shooting Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland

Posted: Apr 15, 2016 1:40 PM

We all know the pro-gun control side is not in touch with reality. Well, their latest string of ads that target household firearms accidents and fatalities. In two ads, we have Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan getting shot. Yes, the world of fantasy has become another front in the gun control war.

The first ad has Alice following the white rabbit, but before she drinks the shrinking potion–she has to see what’s in the top shelf of the cabinet. The second ad has the Darlings playing in their bedroom, where a handgun is located in the armoire. Peter flies into the room, everyone is happy to see him, but one of the Darling kids picks up the handgun and kills Peter.

It’s absurd, and factually inaccurate. On face value, this is fantasy, so none of this is real–or really matters. Second, to put on my history hat, the firearms used are inaccurate. Both ads feature 1911s. Alice In Wonderland was published in 1865, Peter Pan first appeared in 1902. Yet, that’s more of a side issue. The main issue, especially with the Pan ad, is that there was a firearm in a children’s room. No responsible gun owner keeps his or her firearms within reach of children. In fact, kids who grow up with firearms in the home know not to touch them if left unattended.

This could be pushback against Amelia Hamilton’s rendition of childhood fairy tales featuring characters, like Little Red Riding Hood, with firearms. Hansel and Gretel also have firearms. These stories were featured on NRA Family. Hamilton is scheduled to release The Three Little Pigs (with guns) in May. Hamilton said that these stories are also for adults, emphasizing, “safety and it’s for parents to start those conversations.”

The Brady campaign disregards the notion that the vast majority of gun owners know what they’re doing–and teach their kids basic safety. That explains why unintentional firearms deaths in the home are at all-time lows. So, don’t look too much into this. It’s just the pro-gun control side trying to fight fire with fire and failing miserably.