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So, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is in some hot water over a skit that included a racial joke at a charity event last weekend. The annual Inner Circle event, where the press can joke about the political elite, featured a musical–“Shamilton”–spoofing the Broadway play Hamilton, where the mayor rapped (it’s truly painful) about his love for the city, how Donald Trump is a chump, and how he’s down with the Sandinistas.


Hillary Clinton was brought on stage, where she thanked De Balsio for his late endorsement to which the mayor responded by saying he was on “CP time.” Yeah, colored people time–De Blasio had the stones to say it to an audience which did not laugh. It fell flat. Luckily, the two Democratic figures had the Obama White House to provide them some cover (via the Hill):

President Obama’s top spokesman on Tuesday defended the civil rights record of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who have come under fire for making a racially tinged joke at an event last week.

“Mayor de Blasio and Secretary Clinton have, over the course of their careers, demonstrated a genuine commitment to the pursuit of equality and justice and civil rights,” press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

Earnest said he had not heard the joke himself.

“I can’t speak to any misguided attempts at humor,” he said. “I can only speak to their commitment they have shown over the course of their career to justice and civil rights.”

For De Blasio, he says we’re all “missing the point,” or something:

"It was clearly a staged show. It was a scripted show and the whole idea was to do the counter-intuitive and say 'cautious politician time,' " de Blasio told CNN's "Out Front."

"Every actor involved, including Hillary Clinton and Leslie Odom Jr., thought it was a joke on a different convention, that was the whole idea. So I think people are missing the point here," he added.

The incident took place at New York's Inner Circle dinner Saturday with local politicians and reporters. Clinton and de Blasio were joined on stage by Leslie Odom Jr., one of the stars in the Broadway show "Hamilton."


This is typical liberal garbage. Yes, it was staged–that part was painfully obvious. But we’re “missing the point” because … I don’t know. It’s a typical progressive move. If they can’t convince you, it’s because you’re either a bigot, mentally slow, or both especially on racial matters. When a white Democrat says a racial joke that totally bombs, it’s different because he’s a progressive–and his work means he can totally say racially charged remarks and get a pass. In other words, De Blasio may not be a racist (I don’t think he is either), but he can say racist things because of all the left leaning causes he champions, or something. Do enough good, and you could be politically incorrect in a political movement that abhors such antics, even when it’s done in jest. So, in a way, De Blasio is catching the end of the spear regarding liberal America’s inability to have a sense of humor. In this case, it was just too awkward to be funny, besides the fact that racist jokes aren’t funny, especially with progressives. Sadly, this won’t change the ethos within the political left, which states that you can say misogynist, racist, or sexist things as long as you’re on the liberal arc side of history.

As for Clinton, well, she sort of threw De Blasio under the bus in an interview with Cosmopolitan, where she said it was “De Basio’s skit” (via Cosmopolitan) [bold text indicates Cosmopolitan magazine] :

Some people have been upset by a racially charged joke that you and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made over the weekend, especially in context of a recent altercation between Bill Clinton and Black Lives Matter supporters. Upon hearing the criticisms, do you think the joke was inappropriate or, as Mayor de Blasio said, are people "missing the point"?

Well, look, it was Mayor de Blasio's skit. He has addressed it, and I will really defer to him because it is something that he's already talked about. [Editor's note: De Blasio told CNN on Monday, "It was clearly a staged show. It was a scripted show. The whole idea was to do the counterintuitive by saying 'cautious politician time.' Every actor thought it was a joke on a different convention. That was the whole idea. I think people are missing the point here." His office later released a statement saying, "In an evening of satire, the only person this was meant to mock was the mayor himself, period. Certainly no one intended to offend anyone."]


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