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So, Clinton Had A Static Noise Machine To Mask What She Said At Fundraiser

You remember when the Clinton campaign roped in the media, like cattle, at a campaign event in New Hampshire event last summer? The optics were horrible, though the Clinton camp said the cowboy protocol was executed to avoided a “chaotic” situation–like asking the former first lady about her email fiasco. Now, we have the latest Clinton weapon against the press: a static noise machine that prevents the media from listening in on what’s she’s saying. It was deployed at a fundraiser in Denver last week.


Stan Bush, a reporter for KCNC-TV, CBS4 Denver, was able to record how the static machine masks what Clinton was saying at that fundraiser.

To be honest, the press is the least of Clinton’s worries right now. Sen. Bernie Sanders is giving her a good run for the nomination, outraising her in March, and has no plans of stopping his campaign before the convention. He recently won another primary contest yesterday in Wyoming. Yet, does anyone remember when Clinton said she's the most transparent person in public life? 

(H/T Mediaite)

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