Scripps College Students Mad That 'White Feminist' Madeleine Albright Is Commencement Speaker

Posted: Apr 05, 2016 4:21 PM

Well, it looks like at Scripps College, the commencement speaker wars have begun. Some students at the women’s liberal arts school are reportedly furious that former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has been invited to deliver the graduation address since she’s a “white feminist,” according to National Review’s Kat Timpf.

Timpf wrote that Kinzie Mabon wrote about her discontent with the commencement selection in the student newspaper, though noted that she has a legitimate criticism regarding Albright’s rather inflammatory remarks that women who do not support Clinton have a “special place in hell;” Mabon isn’t a fan of the former first lady.

Still, the Claremont Independent, another student paper that covers the Claremont Colleges system, wrote that most of the controversy is all centered on Albright being “white.”

It was announced recently that the 2016 commencement speaker will be none other than former Secretary of State, white feminist and repeated genocide enabler Madeleine Albright,” senior Kinzie Mabon wrote in a piece for the Student Life, the school’s official newspaper.

That’s right. Albright may have been the first female Secretary of State, but that doesn’t matter! She’s also white — something so awful that it automatically makes her an unacceptable choice.


According to an article in the Claremont Independent, however, much of the objection to Albright’s selection was specifically due to “the fact that Albright is white.”

Are we getting to the point where any commencement speaker is bound to draw uproar? The notion that the mere presence of someone with differing views is akin to an act of violence is absurd, will always be absurd, and these kids are about to get what could only be described as a brick to the face once they realize that this country actually has tens of millions of people who think their progressive dispositions are utter garbage (they’re not wrong). Frankly, it’s hard to take anyone who freaks out about Trump chalkings seriously. Madeleine Albright is liberal, a Democrat, and a Clinton supporter. That’s fine. Her political views aside, she has served our country and made history by being the first female secretary of state. She’s been invited and folks should listen, even if they vociferously disagree. Why? It’s because this isn’t North Korea–and we shouldn’t act like seven-year-olds. It’s commencement, kids. This speech isn’t the highlight of the day. You graduating college, celebrating with your friends and family, and entering the real world should be the moments you cherish, not debating about “white feminists” and the Balkan intervention that occurred under the Clinton administration.

Are you kidding me?