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So, we all know Hillary Clinton is horrible on gun rights, but she’s also bad at history. While appearing on The Steve Harvey Show, Clinton was pushing her gun control agenda. If there’s any silver lining* in this exchange, it’s that she acknowledges we have a right to own firearms, but also said there’s a constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


“So we have to say to the gun lobby, ‘You know what, there is a Constitutional right for people to own guns, but there is also a Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that enables us to have a safe country to protect our children from their senseless gun violence.”

As you know, there is no constitutional right to such things because they’re not in the Constitution; they’re in the Declaration of Independence. Also, let us reiterate that American isn’t turning into a shooting gallery. There is no gun violence epidemic, and that gun-related homicides have dropped 3.9 percent from last year. Also, firearms-related accidents for children are have been reduced significantly.

Yes, I know–these facts don’t exist because they don’t fit in with the narrative. Still, it's entertaining to see anti-gun politicians try and conjure out of thin air reasons we should support curtailing our civil rights.

*I'm using that phrase lightly


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