CNN Reporters: Obama Isn't Going To Take Anyone's Guns Away...Because He Said So

Posted: Jan 06, 2016 4:20 PM

Our friends at our sister site RedState clipped this interesting exchange between CNN’s Kate Bolduan, John Berman and New Hampshire gun dealer Mark Limoges, with the two anchors being absolutely stupefied that some people think Obama’s gun control agenda could lead to confiscation (via Leon Wolf):

KATE BOLDUAN: Do you think the President wants to.. is trying to take away your guns?

MARK LIMOGES: I think it’s probably a first step towards it, yes.


BOLDUAN: Even though the President said…

BERMAN: I mean, really??

BOULDUAN: Yesterday in his speech, he said that his actions are not a plot to take away everybody’s guns?

LIMOGES: Right, but Mr. Obama has also said many things that, you know, have not always been the truth.

BERMAN: Look, but he says he respects the Second Amendment, and if you look at the actions he has taken, even the ones several years ago that were steeper than this. If you support universal background checks that doesn’t mean you want to take someone’s guns away. So, again.. you REALLY think that the President wants to take your guns away?

Guys! Guys! Obama said he supports the Second Amendment, so there’s nothing to fear, right? Wrong. After all, this is the man who said if you like your health care plan you could keep it. Now, there is no indication that these executive actions could lead to confiscation. In fact, they don’t. Nevertheless, it doesn’t shield the president from that fact that this is a rather effete way of tackling gun violence; an issue that drove him to tears in yesterday’s remarks, along with referring to himself 76 times during the address.

These actions will do nothing to curb gun violence. Not a single Obama gun control policy would have prevented a single mass shooting. In fact, every single recent mass shooter passed a background check. It’s nothing but a wanton attack on our civil rights. Moreover, let’s not kid ourselves that this president isn’t against gun confiscation. After the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, the president, visibly angry cited the UK and Australia as prime examples of modern countries that took steps to curb gun violence. Both nations instituted gun bans, confiscation, and national registries. That isn’t going to happen here, and we cannot afford to give this administration an inch with regards to gun rights.