NRA President Wayne LaPierre Delivers The Truth About Background Checks

Posted: Jan 06, 2016 1:40 PM

NRA President Wayne LaPierre has a message for the nation: while the NRA is in favor of background checks, the current system is useless until states actually comply with regulations and keep the databases updated. LaPierre listed a litany of criminals who had passed background checks, only to proceed to go commit mass murder with a firearm. Further, LaPierre explained that he is also in favor of harsher penalties for people who break the law and attempt to buy firearms despite being legally prohibited to do so. In 2010, despite 80,000 prohibited persons attempting to purchase a gun, only 44 were ever prosecuted for it.

LaPierre argued that instead of expanding background checks to fix the problem of gun violence, instead schools should have armed security, the mental health system should be fixed, federal gun laws should be enforced, and every prohibited person should be entered into the system.

Take a look here at this thought-provoking video: