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WATCH: Undercover IDF Soldiers Disperse Palestinian Rioters

There have been multiple videos of undercover Israeli Defense Forces soldiers embedding themselves among Palestinian rioters. They wait to see who the ringleaders are before conducting the arrests with regular support from the army. Last week, the IDF released footage of these undercover operatives, or “Mistaravim,” breaking up a riot in Bethlehem.


How it's done: Undercover IDF agents or "mistaravim" in Hebrew have received much attention for their role in suppressing violent riots during the recent escalation in the West Bank. Here, they arrest a key protest leader in Bethlehem during a Palestinian protest that consisted of Palestinians throwing rocks and firebombs at the IDF soldiers. It's important to remember that these "protests" do not mean a peaceful demonstration against a government policy, but a violent escalation aimed at physically harming IDF soldiers. We support the IDF as they do their best to protect the state of Israel. Read more:,7340,L-4722083,00.htmlVideo: ??????? ????????

Posted by StandWithUs on Saturday, November 7, 2015

In early October, The Blaze reported on another video that showed the “Mistaravim” (Blaze called them "Duvdevan") breaking up a disturbance in Ramallah, where over 100 Palestinians threw rocks at IDF troops near the Bet El checkpoint for several hours, according to Agence France-Presse:

The infiltrators joined the front line, dozens of metres (yards) from soldiers posted there with jeeps and armoured vehicles.

At first, they threw stones like the others. Protesters hid behind a rubbish bin that served as a makeshift barricade against rubber bullets fired by Israeli troops along with tear gas and stun grenades.

In an instant, the infiltrators withdrew from the crowd and pulled out pistols, as the protesters realised what was happening. The protesters threw stones at the men, four of whom pointed their weapons and opened fire.

Three others who were unarmed grabbed two wounded youths and beat them. One youth who ran was hit in the back of the head.

Israeli soldiers rushed to the scene and fired in the air. Both the infiltrators and the soldiers then grabbed three of the youths and brought them toward jeeps and armoured vehicles, leaving streaks of blood on the ground.

"Be careful -- they arrested them. They're mustarabiin," one protester said.

Another said "they're always in the middle of the crowd."


Nice work, Israel.

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