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Four Planned Parenthood Centers Cited In Florida Probe, Three Ordered To Stop Second-Trimester Abortions

After the Center for Medical Progress released those gruesome videos reportedly showing the illegal sale of body party from aborted babies, Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued a statewide review of his state’s Planned Parenthood facilities. After all 16 were inspected, four were issued citations. Three were conducting procedures that were outside of their licenses (a.k.a late-term abortions) and the last one was improperly logging the disposal of infant remains.


Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration said it found no evidence that Planned Parenthood in Florida was illegally selling aborted baby parts ( via Tampa Bay Times):

An inspection ordered by Gov. Rick Scott into Planned Parenthood clinics didn't find fetal organs being sold, but state officials Wednesday said they are citing four locations for other violations.

After inspecting 16 Planned Parenthood locations in the state last week, the Agency for Health Care Administration found that clinics in St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Naples have been performing abortions in the second trimester of pregnancies without a license to do so.

"These facilities have been notified to immediately cease performing second-trimester abortions," AHCA spokesperson Shelisha Coleman said Wednesday in a written statement. "The agency may take additional actions against these facilities, including administrative sanctions."

The AHCA could fine Planned Parenthood up to $500 per violation.


"The videos are disturbing," Scott said Wednesday. "It's against the law to sell body parts, so we did the right thing in our state to just make sure they're complying with the law."

Of course, Planned Parenthood disagreed with the AHCA review:

In a statement Wednesday night, Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates executive director Laura Goodhue said that the inspections hold clinics to a different standard from what AHCA has previously used to distinguish first trimester and second trimester abortions.

"I can state unequivocally that all of our health centers are operating in full compliance with Florida law as well as best practices in reproductive health care," Goodhue said. "The claim that any of our health centers are performing procedures we are not licensed to perform is false and seemingly stems from AHCA flip-flopping on their own rules and definitions of gestational periods."


In the wake of the Planned Parenthood videos, the White House asserted that it stands by Planned Parenthood, citing their "high ethical standard." At the same time, Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted that he hasn't watched the videos. The same goes for her majesty, Hillary Clinton: 

But, remember, if you’re against Planned Parenthood, you’re a misogynist and anti-woman or something.

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