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Pelosi: ‘The Clintons Will Have To Answer For the Foundation’

No kidding; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that the Clintons will have to answer the numerous questions relating to their Foundation dealings, especially after it seems that the non-profit founded by the Clintons took $500k from a charity just to appear at one of their events.


As Guy wrote last week, the Happy Hearts Fund’s 2014 gala cost a little over $363,000, but the most expensive item in the event budget was the $500,000 fee paid to the Clinton Foundation in return for Bill accepting a lifetime achievement award. Happy Hearts mission is to rebuild schools destroyed by natural disasters. It was founded by Czech model Petra Nemcova, who was spurred to do something after she survived the horrific 2004 tsunami. She was in Thailand when it hit.

Yet, as the New York Times noted, the Clinton Foundation refused to attend the gala until this honorarium was doled out.

More from Guy:

Here we have a relatively small charity eclipsing the entire budget for its major fundraiser in order to secure an appearance from Bill Clinton, in exchange for a $500,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation. As the Times story notes, this fee amounted to a quarter of the evening's proceeds, and represented money that could have been put to good use in pursuit of the organization's laudable mission. Instead, it landed in the Clintons' allegedly 'charitable' bank account, supposedly earmarked for "yet undetermined" relief work in Haiti. Keep in mind that the Clinton Foundation has been described as a "slush fund" by an official at the Sunlight Foundation, has been placed on a "watch list" by the watchdog group Charity Navigator (which, in turn, has been pressured and bullied by the Clinton people), and was once explicitly characterized as "not charity," and in fact a "commercial proposition," by one of its founders.


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