Dude, Really: Code Pink Crashes Veterans Concert

Posted: Nov 12, 2014 4:15 PM

Veterans Day is when millions of Americans thank US service members who have served to protect our freedoms; they volunteered to protect the country so we don’t have and therefore there are no words to describe such patriotism.

I always give a special shout out to Korean War veterans, who have been tragically relegated to “forgotten war” status. Their service and sacrifice have allowed millions of Koreans–and Korean adoptees–to live better lives. Frankly, no wars where Americans have served should ever be considered “forgotten.”

Nevertheless, the far left could not keep their mouths shut since Code Pink decided to crash the Concert for Valor yesterday.

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph was there to ask these anti-war protestors why they were being so annoying at this venue. After all, thanking veterans is as bipartisan as you can get, unless you write for Salon.

One gentleman described himself as a veteran, but when asked by Joseph which war he fought in, he said he was a veteran of the “Cold War” and the Reagan administration.

Joseph asked another Code Pink activist if the veterans who died in the Iraq War were heroes; she refused to answer.

The icing on the cake was when Joseph asked who was responsible for 9/11. The Cold War veteran–who later said he was a communist–said Osama bin Laden; another woman said the CIA and Mossad.