MSNBC Contributor: Y'all Know Those 'Old White People' Are Going To Die, Right?

Posted: Nov 04, 2014 6:45 PM

MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams decided to give his take on the state of the 2014 elections. Spoiler alert: it's racism. 

He noted that if we didn’t have a black president, Sen. Mary Landrieu in Louisiana wouldn’t be in trouble, Michelle Nunn in Georgia would “win overwhelmingly,” and maybe Alison Lundergan Grimes “would do well.”

Back to reality, he says that Democrats should “lean in” on their pro-equality, pro-privacy, pro-women, pro-choice, and pro-voting rights principles because it shows they’re for people and that will translate into electoral success. Also, he notes that those “old white people,” the folks clogging the spot, are going to die someday.

So, Democrats should just lie and wait to reclaim the South, or more rational voters could recognize that this is a rather lofty pipe dream coming from the MSNBC universe, whose primary job is to keep the liberal base’s blood pressure at healthy levels.

H/T Washington Free Beacon