Don't Blame Obama on Wednesday...

Posted: Nov 02, 2009 1:41 PM
If Republican Chris Christie wins in New Jersey -- and Bob McDonnell wins in Virginia on Tuesday -- liberals will be sure to note that "local issues" were the cause (read: losses are not a rejection of Obama's policies).

The AP is already laying the narrative for this ...

Of course, they would be on firmer footing had Obama not taken such a dominate and visible role in the races for governor of Virginia and New Jersey. 

Don't forget about this.  And don't forget about this.

To be sure, there are various factors at play here; there always are.  Still, how can anyone say that Tuesday's elections don't reflect -- at least, to some degree -- Obama's unpopularity?

He may not be to blame for the bad candidates, but it's also fair to say that his coattails don't seem to be long enough to lift them ...
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