Ed Hubbard's Plan for Harris County, TX

Posted: Oct 03, 2009 6:28 PM
Those of you who follow this blog, know I'm interested in Texas politics.  Houston (which is in Harris County) is the 4th largest city in the nation and until last November, Harris County had been the largest Red county in the country. What happens in Houston, can affect change across the country.

Ed Hubbard is currently running for Harris County GOP Chairman and has created a plan that goes beyond just party building, it goes to a concept he has termed "Renewing the American Community", in which the Republican party is a vital part of developing long term relationships in all communities and addressing the problems of those communities with more than window dressing.

During the "Rebuilding the Party" movement of this past winter, we had essentially a national discussion regarding the proper role of an RNC chairman, and I think that Hubbard brings up some interesting points regarding the role of an effective county chairman. 

Though I can't claim to be an expert on Harris County, TX politics, I am keenly interested in the subject of Party leadership, especially in lieu of the recent RNC Chairman's race.  As such, Hubbard's plan -- which is more detailed than most anything you normally find on a campaign website -- should be read by anyone interested in the topic.  Check it out here.