Disagreement, Distraction, and Dishonesty

Posted: Aug 12, 2009 5:57 PM
Over at Fox, Ken Blackwell has a good column up titled "Disagreement, Distraction, and Dishonesty." 

Here's an excerpt:

We are in danger of not achieving Rev. Neuhaus' kind of disagreement about health care. Nobody should mob Members of Congress or shout them down. By the same token, Americans with serious and well-thought out objections to the health care takeover proposed by our representative government should not be demonized by national leaders as Nazis or sneered at as being too well dressed.

It does not help to have President Obama dismiss legitimate concerns about taxpayers being forced to pay for abortion-on-demand through his health care plan. Asked by Katie Couric about federally-funded abortion in his health proposal, Mr. Obama indicated he didn't want to "get distracted by the abortion debate..."  The 3,000 unborn children aborted daily are a "distraction?"