Steele Campaign Consultants Got RNC Contracts

Posted: Apr 30, 2009 3:59 PM the RNC Chairman's race, I was the first to raise the issue of Michael Steele's many consultants -- and the likelihood that they would be granted RNC contracts (it is not uncommon for a chairman to bring his team with him).

Over at the Atlantic, Marc Ambinder has posted FEC data showing that Steele did, in fact, give RNC contracts to his campaign consultants.

The numbers -- so far -- aren't terribly shocking (though some might think $30K to one consultant for three months of staff consulting is generous) -- but it will be interesting to see how things look when all the NY-20 numbers are reported.

More important, though, is that RNC officials are apparently concerned about Steele's handling of the RNC's purse strings -- inasmuch as (according to the WaTimes) several "top RNC officers have presented Mr. Steele with a resolution, calling for a new set of checks and balances on the chairman's power to dole out money."

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