Ken Blackwell: Steele 'Flat-out Wrong'

Posted: Mar 02, 2009 5:41 PM Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell -- whose last-minute endorsement of Michael Steele helped propel him to the chairmanship -- is commenting on the recent Rush Limbaugh vs. Steele controversy.

On a phone call today, Blackwell described Steele's comments on CNN as "unfortunate and flat-out wrong." He noted that the environment probably contributed to Steele's comments (which seemed to please the host and other guest, rapper Chuck D), but that it was a "sophomoric outreach".

Blackwell also laughed at the notion that Rush Limbaugh would want to run the RNC, saying "being Chair of the Republican Party would be a step back for him ... that's a smaller box."

And he also noted that during their 2006 races, both he and Steele were on Rush's show: "To all of a sudden cast aspersions is a bit curious and unfortunate," he said.

Note: I am attempting to secure comments from Steele's top endorsers, including Sean Hannity and Bill Bennett -- both conservative radio hosts.