Rush Limbaugh Rocks CPAC

Posted: Feb 28, 2009 6:27 PM
Calling it his first ever address to the nation, Rush Limbaugh rocked the house at the Conservative Action Conference (CPAC) today.

From the time he entered the room to The Pretenders "My City Was Gone" (his theme), to the time he exited the stage, Limbaugh inspired the over-flow, packed audience, and enjoyed countless standing ovations.

Limbaugh cautioned conservatives to quit thinking of themselves as the minority and mocked Obama and the media by saying, "For those of you in the 'drive-by' media watching, I have not needed a teleprompter for anything I've said."

He also waxed philosophical: "Freedom is the natural yearning of the human spirit as we were endowed by our creator," Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh praised Obama's political talents, and said "It just breaks my heart that he does not use these gifts to motivate and inspire the American people." He also added that Obama, "could wipe out the Republican Party if he would inspire this country to be the best it could be."

Some of Limbaugh's comments will predictably draw controversy and criticism. For example, he mocked Joe Biden's past racist comments about Indians, joking that, "Joe Biden was mystified how Bobby Jindal got his shift off at 7-11 that night to make the speech" He also noted that the Democratic Primary was more racially tinged than the general election.

Limbaugh also took on so-called conservatives who believe the way to win in the future is to abandon conservatism: "The era of Reagan is over?? When the hell do you ever hear a liberal say the era of FDR is over?," Limbaugh asked.

Clearly, Limbaugh's speech was the highlight of the 2009 CPAC. This conservative writer predicts the MSM will immediately begin dissecting it and attempting to "Palinize" it. I'm told Keith Olbermann is already salivating.