NYT: State-Run Liberal Media?

Posted: Jan 22, 2009 2:16 PM
Sherman: The New York Times Parties for the Obama Economy

Nice to see the New York Times is celebrating Obama's Inauguration:

Down on the Bowery last night, the New York Times hosted an inauguration party at the New Museum to fete Barack Obama's nascent presidency.

 ... When I arrived at the party, an attendant instructed me to wear a red, white, and blue pin showing an illustration of Obama in profile with the date 01/20/09 stenciled in white, all floating above the Times' logo. The gift bag contained a twelve-inch by twelve-inch poster of the same image. The marriage of the Times' flag and Obama's silhouette was jarring. One guest remarked that the poster looked like something put out by Pravda — state-run liberal media. (Except with less red and more blue.)