Imagine This...

Matt Lewis
Posted: Nov 04, 2008 6:04 PM
A judge has ordered that all military absentee ballots must be counted in Virginia -- so long as they are postmarked by today.  This could, potentially, lead to the election not being decided tonight.  It's a long-shot, but so was the hanging-chad stuff...

Here's the statement from the McCain camp:
“We are pleased that the judge has ruled to preserve the ballots cast by our men and women in uniform currently serving overseas. This will help to ensure that local election officials do not destroy or dispose of these ballots before the court has had an opportunity to rule on our complaint. The McCain-Palin campaign strongly believes that no military ballot should be discarded as a result of a failure on the part of several counties and independent cities to mail ballots to service members in a timely manner. We believe without exception that the servicemen and women on the front lines protecting our freedoms deserve every opportunity to make sure their vote counts.” –Gail Gitcho, McCain-Palin spokesman