Colorado Early Voters

Posted: Nov 04, 2008 12:51 PM
As Hugh noted, Jim Geraghty has some interesting numbers from Colorado over at National Review Online. More than half of that state's registered voters cast their ballots early, and there were far fewer Democrats among those voters than you might expect. Registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans at early polling stations, but there were actually more Republicans than Democrats among absentee ballot voters. When you combine both early and absentee votes, the Dems make up only 33.44% of the electorate compared to 32.64% for the GOP (giving them a registration advantage of only 0.80%!). Now, 24.71% of the early/absentee voters were registered independents, and for all we know they could break heavily for Obama. However, we can definitely say that that Dems did not get the lead they wanted among early voters, and it looks like Colorado could be a lot closer than a lot of people think.

Townhall's Adam Brickley contributed to this post.