Media Never Said Biden Should Have Focused on <em>His</em> Family

Posted: Sep 03, 2008 10:09 PM
A few weeks ago, the press praised Joe Biden for being sworn-in as a senator under some very difficult circumstances. 

As you may recall, his wife was tragically killed in a car accident right after his election, and Biden was sworn-in from the bed-side of his sons -- who were injured in the crash.  

Biden's perseverance was viewed by most of us as heroic -- even though it meant his motherless sons wouldn't see their dad nearly as much.  I don't recall a single member of the media saying Joe Biden should have been focusing on his family, rather than becoming a senator.

Yet, Sarah Palin is being second-guessed -- right now -- for essentially making the same type of decision.  The only differences, of course, are that ...

1).  Palin has a spouse to help
2).  Palin is a woman
3).  Palin is a conservative

Update:  I just saw a clip of Biden on TV saying that the notion that Palin can't be VP and a mom, too, is sexist ...