Breaking: NBC News Says It's <em>Not</em> Pawlenty / Fox Says it's <em>Not</em> Romney ...

Posted: Aug 29, 2008 8:14 AM
Yes.  It appears Pawlenty was a head-fake.  At least, that's what NBC says.  And Politico's Jonathan Martin says he won't even be in Dayton -- which makes him about the only prospective running mate who won't be in the Buckeye state.

Update:  Fox says it's not Pawlenty and also NOT Romney ...

Forget about tracking the airplanes -- or speculating based on who is coming to Dayton.  Turns out, several of the possible picks are flying to Dayton, OH -- at least, that's what MSNBC is reporting.  This seems a bit odd -- why have the person you didn't pick on hand --

In other  news, buzz is swirling about Sarah Palin.  Her obvious weakness is experience -- her obvious strenghts is that she is a conservative female who has run a state.  It would show that McCain is shaking things up and thinking outside the box.  It would appeal to Hillary voters.  And it would completely undermine any bounce Obama got last night ...

If John McCain is trying to take the story away of Barack Obama, he is doing it by generating all this confusion and excitement!

This is on Drudge right now:

Did I mention our intern, Adam Brickley is the man behind Draft Sarah Palin?