McCain Finally Hits Obama on Energy Hypocrisy

Posted: Aug 07, 2008 2:53 PM
John McCain is calling out Barack Obama on his 2005 energy bill vote:
"Now, I want to take a minute here on this issue, because I think Senator Obama is a little confused.  Yesterday he accused me of having President Bush’s policies on energy.  That’s odd, because he voted for the President’s energy bill and I voted against it.  I voted against it because it had 2.8 billion dollars in corporate welfare to oil companies that are already making record profits.  Senator Obama voted for that bill and its big oil giveaways.  I know he hasn’t been in the Senate that long, but even in the real world voting for something means you support it, and voting against something means you oppose it."

The media is literally ignoring Obama’s vote on the 2005 energy bill.  That is absolutely unacceptable.  We have here a Democrat who pays lip service to the notion of being "green" and who talks about fiscal responsibility and yet he voted for an extravagant, costly bill that gave masses of subsidies to the same industry (oil and gas) he has been ripping on the stump.  There is a high degree of hypocrisy here, and it is astounding that it is attracting no attention among the mainstream press.