The Conservative Guide to VP Picks

Posted: Jul 27, 2008 11:37 AM
We're getting close to having a "veep" pick, so it occurs to me that it might be good to officially let the McCain folks know how conservatives will likely receive certain picks. 

Note:  While I don't pretend to speak for all conservatives, my guess is this list will represent the opinions of most movement conservatives. 

Note:  While I could write about the political arguments for these picks, I have instead chosen to put together a list based on political philosophy.  For example, Tom Ridge may make sense politically (he's from PA) -- but not from a conservative philosophical perspective (he's pro-choice) ...

-Gov. Bobby Jindal - He would excite conservatives.

-Gov. Sarah Palin - She would excite conservatives.

-Gov. Mark Sanford - Conservatives would appreciate this pick.

- Former Gov. Mitt Romney - Most conservatives would appreciate this pick.

-Sen. John Thune - Many conservatives would be excited by this pick.  He would certainly not be offensive to conservatives.

-Gov. Tim Pawlenty - Acceptable, but not exciting.

-Gov. Charlie Crist - Barely acceptable.  Certainly not exciting to conservatives.

-Former Gov. Tom Ridge -- Unacceptable.  Deal-breaker. 

Because of McCain's advanced age -- and the fact that Bush left us without a successor -- my guess is that a GOP VP pick will be perceived as even more important than ever. 

Note:  This list includes candidates whom I believe have a realistic chance of being selected.  But there are certainly more names that have been mentioned.  I did not include Mike Huckabee, which will surely anger some.  This is because I honestly do not believe he is seriously being considered.  He would obviously be very acceptable to social conservatives, but unacceptable to most fiscal conservatives.

So what did I miss?  Agree or disagree with this??

Update:  What about Bloomberg?  My take is that this is an unacceptable pick, as it makes him the successor.  Philosophically, Bloomberg is a bad conservative pick.  But is he a great political pick???