Weak Economy Helps McCain?

Posted: Jul 15, 2008 12:00 PM
James Pethokoukis has "4 Reasons the Weak Economy is Now Helping McCain."

... I would add a 5th.  Nervous people are less adventurous.  McCain's experience makes him a safer pick.  "Hope" and "change" are great when everything is going well.  But when things start to go south, I think, people are less willing to take risks ... including political ones.  And Obama is nothing if not an unknown "risky" commodity.

But what about FDR, you ask?  First, he was much more of a known commodity.  And I think that after a complete collapse, people are willing to roll the dice.  "What do we have to lose?," they may ask.  But assuming there is not a complete collapse, I would venture that, ironically, this weak economy may help -- not hurt -- McCain ...