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Mike Huckabee just can't keep from criticizing the Club for Growth.  John Brummett of the Arkansas News Bureau reports this from a conversation with Huckabee:
"... He and I talked a little about that, too, long enough for Huckabee to say that outfits like the Club for Growth don't understand that you can't always cut taxes at the state level and meet basic needs. Such people would "let an 8-year-old child choke to death on the steps of the Children's Hospital" for lack of Medicaid."

(Emphasis mine).

It is amazing to me that someone as smart and talented as Huckabee continues to make career-limiting statements that betray his fiscal liberalism.  What is more, like most liberals, he uses emotional rhetoric and fear mongering -- not logic or reason -- to attack The Club.

Update:  K-Lo says, "Huckabee's no savior for McCain" ...

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