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Why Jesse Helm's is the Country's Favorite Conservative Senator

More than a decade ago, Morton Blackwell wrote a tribute to Sen. Helms.  Below is an excerpt.  Read the whole thing here.

Why has Sen. Jesse Helms for so long been our country's very favorite conservative senator? Why do we love him?

Let me count the reasons:

  1. In every word and deed, Sen. Helms embodies solid conservative principles. No one else in the Senate, no one at all, comes even close to his reputation for selfless, steadfast adherence to every tenet of our conservative philosophy. Name the issue, and I can tell you how he will vote. Name the issue. Free enterprise. Limited government. Strong national defense. Traditional values. Name the issue. Jesse Helms is predictable.

    That is why we admire and love him. And that is why he's the conservative liberals love to hate.

  2. Sen. Helms forces votes on issues the liberals don't want to vote on. Time and again, year in and year out, Sen. Helms has been the only conservative prepared to make the Senate vote on conservative issues where most politicians are on the opposite side from the American people. Think about all the liberal senators who have been defeated by more conservative challengers since 1972. It's a fact. Jesse Helms made every one of those liberals vulnerable. He gave them all voting records their challengers could run against. Jesse Helms makes democracy work.

    That is why we admire and love him. And that is why he's the conservative liberals love to hate.


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