Fred Thompson Conference Call: Obama is "Typical"

Posted: Jun 19, 2008 12:35 PM
This morning, McCain surrogate Fred Thompson held a conference call to discuss Barack Obama's comments regarding BoumedieneCaptain Ed has a very good recap of the call over at Hot Air.

As I noted earlier, the comments I found most interesting actually regarded Obama's decision to flip-flop on public financing, which Thompson characterized as "typical" politics.  The following is an excerpt of Thompson's answer to a question regarding that issue:

"I haven't followed that too closely other than the fact it is another example of him doing whatever necessary to achieve his poll. He has been on both sides of this issue as he has other issues.

I am more concerned about his vacillating and going back and forth and being inconsistent in matters of national security and foreign policy than I am anything else but it is typical of that.

The thing about the Senator besides his rhetorical skills and his vast desires to be different is that, in fact, in every way he is very very typical.

He has come up as a very typical man in a hurry in the Chicago political machine environment and done what was necessary there to excel. He has gotten to Congress.

He has been in lock step with his party he has been in lockstep with his political interests. He has never reached across the aisle in any substantive manner to come together and compromise in any important legislation across the country.

He has been very very ambitious. And this campaign finance thing is just another indication of that ... He was for public financing and…the moment that it looked like it would not benefit him he turned his back on it and will not acknowledge what he's doing. There is only one word for that and that is typical."