Mormon's for McCain?

Posted: Jun 12, 2008 2:33 PM
Matthew Yglesias argues that selecting Mitt Romney as a running mate might help John McCain pick up several states:
"... I say it makes Nevada and Colorado tougher for the Democrats to pick up, and Michigan also, though not so much for the LDS factor."
I think that's right. There's also the potential that Mormon mobilization could put Oregon back in play."

But he also adds ...

"... On the other hand, given the fact that evangelicals are already less-than-ecstatic about McCain, adding Romney make that problem even worse and hurt McCain in Ohio, Virginia, and elsewhere that the GOP counts on mobilizing these voters. More generally, Romney seems to be a figure who most Americans find despicable, which makes him a problematic VP choice."

It would be ironic if an army of Mormon supporters in key states were the reason John McCain became president ...