Can a Conservative Support Obama?

Posted: Jun 09, 2008 10:51 AM
Over at TNR, Bruce Bartlett takes an interesting look at "Obamacons" -- a group which actually includes Milton Friedman's son ...

There is a case to be made for conservatives to not support John McCain.  I don't agree with that argument -- but it is a legitimate one.  There's also an argument to be made for libertarian-leaning conservatives to support Bob Barr.  

However, any "conservative" who legitimately supports Obama for president has, as far as I'm concerned, disqualified himself as a conservative.  Nobody who truly takes the concepts of free enterprise, the right to life, or strong national security seriously, would entertain such a thought.  

These so-called conservatives are really folks who value eloquence over substance -- or who are caught up in the "cult of youth". 

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