If You're Toes Are Stepped On It's Because Your Feet Are Sticking Out ...

Posted: May 15, 2008 3:36 PM
The DailyKos has accidentally told the truth.  A blog post at the liberal site about President Bush's comments in Israel today is aptly titled:  "Bush attacking Obama is Bush attacking all Democrats." 

Of course, this blogger means to make the case that many Democrats -- acting as surrogates -- are rallying to Obama's defense.  This, of course, is a clear signal that Obama is, in fact, the de facto "leader" of the Democratic Party.

... But the title is actually accurate in another way.  Bush wasn't attacking Obama specifically, rather, he was attacking anyone who would appease the terrorists, ore more precisely:  "Bush is attacking all Democrats".

A lot of Democrats are hyper-sensitive about this issue because they know Bush's comments were aimed at them, too ...