Dance the Night Away ...

Posted: Apr 21, 2008 4:38 PM
2008-04-21_1638.png picture by MattLewis01
I don't think anyone here at the THblog has mentioned the whole Jefferson 1 story, yet, so if you're not familiar click here (gotta love Jason Talley's sound bite at the end of the clip).  

In short, a 10 minute silent dance (thanks to ipods) was organized at the Jefferson Memorial to celebrate Jefferson's birthday.  For this crime, one of the attendees was arrested (note: the WaPost has issued a correction to the original story about her).

... Now, depending on where you come down on the whole law-and-order conservative vs. free market/libertarian debate (which is always worth having, by the way), you may be interested to know there is a Free The Jefferson 1 fundraiser tonight.  Okay -- technically, it's titled:  Alcohol Liberation Front Monday -- or ALF 5, for short. 

My experience has been that these folks know how to put on a good party ...

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