Obama's Compelling Argument to Super Delegates

Posted: Mar 06, 2008 1:29 PM
While Hillary Clinton has a good argument to make to the super delegates, so does Obama.   

GOP insiders -- who are focused on the upcoming Congressional elections -- tell me they are literally praying Hillary is the nominee.  This, of course, is because Hillary would presumably drag down other Democratic candidates in the states. 

Unfortunately, the presidential race has almost completely overshadowed the importance of congressional elections.  Keep in mind that regaining the Senate -- or at least, limiting the number of Democrats in the Senate -- is crucial when it comes to the appointment of Supreme Court Judges. 

While these Republicans are convinced Hillary would be great for Republican House and Senate prospects, their problem with Obama is simply that he's unpredictable.  They aren't sure what kind of coattails he might have, and not knowing what to expect is perhaps the scariest thing of all for political operatives ...

Unlike Hillary, Obama can make the argument to super delegates that if he's the nominee, Democrats will pick up seats in the House and Senate (or at least, not lose them) ...