Interview with Jim Pinkerton

Posted: Feb 14, 2008 12:13 PM

A lot of folks are wondering how long this will be a two man race.

Yesterday, I interviewed Jim Pinkerton, formerly of Fox News and Newsday, and currently a Huckabee advisor.  

Pinkerton says Mike Huckabee is committed to staying in until at least March 4th and quoted Huckabee, saying "there is no way you can win if you quit." He reiterates the point that Huckabee won't do anything until someone gets the 1191 votes that are needed to be the nominee.

What edge does Mike Huckabee really have though?

Pinkerton, who worked for Ronald Reagan in a past life, believes it's his charisma, his finely-tuned speaking ability -- and the fact that Huckabee has the better message.

Pinkerton also brings up the fact that Dan Schnur -- a prominent consultant from California who worked for McCain in 2000 -- believes Republicans are better off with a contested race, because it keeps media attention focused on Republican candidates.

Regarding social issues like abortion, Pinkerton wonders aloud if the Republican Party has "done right by those issues?" He noted the fact that Huckabee participated in the March for Life, last year in Georgia, and says is indicative of what really moves Huckabee (He also notes that Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush never physically attended a Right to Life march, choosing instead to do phone call greeting). 

Pinkerton says this is one way Huckabee is showing us he does not merely pay lip service to social issues -- he acts on his convictions.

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