No Chuck Norris for Fred Thompson

Posted: Jan 10, 2008 2:57 PM
I just participated in a blogger conference call with Fred Thompson. 

He started off by taking a few shots at the media:  "If you’ve got any ideas as to how I can change the attitude of the press, I’ll be happy to listen to them," he told us.  " … they will only be impressed by success on election night.  They get it major, major wrong so much of the time.  We know what happened in New Hampshire."

He's clearly focused on South Carolina, saying:  “It’s like a homecoming in many respects…”  "... It’s my neck of the woods … and my message is I’m the clear consistent conservative on the national scene that’s been there all along.”

On his chances of winning South Carolina, he told us:  "One guy won Iowa, one guy one New Hampshire, and I think a different guy is going to win South Carolina."

According to Thompson, the stakes are huge:  "This is now a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party.  We’re going to decide whether or not we keep the Reagan coalition …"

Lastly, I noted the mileage and attention Mike Huckabee has gotten from Chuck Norris' endorsement, and asked him if he would consider bringing in one of his celebrity friends to South Carolina (after all, he has co-starred with a lot of folks, including Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood, to name just a couple). 

"No," ... pause, pause, pause ... was his initial response. 

He followed-up by adding:  "I would be surprised if very many people at all have supported him because of Chuck Norris."

He's on his way to do a big interview with Hannity.  Stay tuned ...