Romney Uses New Technology to Target Values Voters in Iowa

Posted: Jan 02, 2008 11:17 AM

What's Mitt Romney's strategy for counter-balancing Mike Huckabee's Christian support?

According to one senior Romney aide, last night the Romney campaign hosted a tele-townhall conference call for values voters in Iowa.  Approximately 20,000 households were called, and close to 5,000 households participated, I'm told.

Conservative leaders Jay Sekulow, David Keene, and Mark DeMoss were speakers on the call. 

According to my source, this wasn't merely a persuasion call;  Listeners were instructed to press "1" on their phone if they wanted to caucus.  They were then given instructions on where (and how) to caucus.

Considering that only about 75 to 80 thousand Iowans are expected to participate in the Republican caucus -- and that temperatures are very cold -- this seems like a wise way to campaign.

Clearly the Romney campaign is well-organized and has the superior turn-out mechanisms in place.  We will tomorrow whether or not it is the difference-maker.

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