In NH, Ron Paul Might Surprise

Posted: Dec 30, 2007 2:24 PM
Ron Paul has a real chance to influence who wins New Hampshire, as well as to steal a bit of the story away from the winner of New Hampshire, thus minimizing the momentum a primary winner might otherwise expect.

Writing at the Wall Street Journal, Andrew Cline explains why:
For starters, he appears to be drawing new voters. Polls that screen for "likely" voters might screen out many Paul supporters who haven't voted often, or at all, before. Many of Mr. Paul's supporters appear to be first-time voters. They will be able to cast their ballots because New Hampshire allows them to register and vote on the day of an election.
But a strong New Hampshire finish won't just hurt other candidates. It might also mean Paul finally gets the credibility and attention from the media that even his astonishing fundraising prowess has, thus far, not been able to buy him.